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  • Congratulations to our Newest MSWG Lifetime Member - Matt Garner

    At the August 20, 2022, MSWG monthly meeting Matt Garner was recognized with the MSWG Lifetime Membership Award. It was presented for his long-time membership and dedication to the club. Matt has served 120 months on the MSWG board, all of them as Treasurer* including 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 1213, 2014, 2017, 2018, and 2019 (note that many of the gaps in dates were required by term limitations in our Bylaws). History has shown that Matt is outstanding at showing up when help is needed, including stepping in for an absent Treasurer during his non-board years. The records do not show the exact year that Matt joined MSWG, but we do have documentation that shows he has been an active member since at least 2004. *As of the date of this presentation no other club member has achieved 120 months of MSWG board service, let alone as an officer of the board. The above video shares additional comments made by Skip Wilbur, MSWG past president. To see all MSWG Lifetime Members, select the following button.

  • Terrific Turning - Pens for Troops

    On August 13, 2022, MSWG had a Turn-In to make pens for troops. If you were not there, you missed a great time, and we hope to see you next time. We had a great time because we were: Giving back to our men and women in service to our country Hanging out and eating donuts Helping new/inexperienced turners learn how to make pens Enjoying the fantastic weather Getting dull tools sharpened by an experienced woodturner Enjoying a sense of pride in making the pens/seeing a task well done We hope the following photos encourage you to come to the next MSWG turn-in event! Reminder, click on the photos to enlarge. Photos can be downloaded.

  • Hangout or Turn - Join Us Now - We are Turning Pens for Troops

    We are live and turning Pens for Troop. We will be here today Saturday, August 13 until around 3PM. Location is Rick Stones, 5704 Montpelier Dr. Bartlett . There is still time to join us. Come and just hangout or if you have never turned a pen, we will teach you. If you are experienced at turning pens, we could really use your help - see you soon!

  • WKNO Gallery 1091 Presents Works by Mid South Woodturners Guild

    You are invited to tour the WKNO 1091 Gallery by clicking on the link below. You are invited to watch the promotion video by WKNO

  • Mailbox Surprise

    When my son brought in the mail Saturday afternoon, he had a package addressed to me. I quickly felt it but had no clue what it was. Then I looked at the return label and saw that it was from Linda Ferber. It was the fully finished mushroom from Linda's recent MSWG meeting IRD. Linda is an artist and understands the importance of surprising the viewer. This realization started when I saw her presentation (in a nice see-through bag) that makes you want to see more. The following photos show you that more. Click on this photo to enlarge it and just look at the detail! Then you pick it up and look at the top in detail - WOW! Turn it again and look at the underside. NICE! Can it get better? Yes. Look at the signature on the bottom. Perfection! Linda's demo mushroom will be in the MSWG auction at the end of the year. The good news for me is that until then, I will keep the mushroom safe while following “possession is 9/10 of the law” Enjoy all the photos If you click on the photos in this album, you can view them in high resolution. You can download and save the images by right clicking on them and doing a "save as". Or send an email to me and I will send the photos to you.

  • MSWG IRD with Linda Ferber

    Linda Ferber recorded MSWG's July 23, 2022, IRD and made it a public video on YouTube. Feel free to share the video with others. Below is a link to her handout.

  • MSWG - Photographic tips and suggestions

    Over the past few days, I have observed more questions than usual regarding photographing our art works and particularly photographing items for sale on WKNO. A Google search looking for help typically gives results with a lot of opinions and confusing / contradictory information. As I see it there are three main choices: Grab a phone, camera or other device and take a photo or video (excepting that is good enough). But ask yourself - did that quick photo give the item I made the respect it deserved? Phone a friend. In other words, find someone to take the photos for you. This can even be a fee for service. Improved DIY photos and videos. This takes education, equipment, practice, hours of skill building (trial and error), and a work area(s). An analogy would be a beginning woodturner with a new mini lathe wanting to make a gallery show piece after making only a few wood tops. This person does not yet have the education, equipment, practice, and hours of skill building to complete that desired task. The same is true if you plan on taking great photos. If you are a number 1 or 3 person, I suggest not doing a Google search but going directly to the website linked below. The guidelines there should help with whatever level of effort you choose to apply to your photo images.

  • Linda Ferber, Interactive Remote Demonstrator at our Jul 23, 2022, Monthly Meeting

    We will be meeting in-person at Bartlett Station Municipal Center. Setup starts at 8AM and the meeting itself begins at 9AM. I talked to Linda by phone on July 5 and she stated that the demonstration will cover much of the same information as the one she did at the AAW 2022 Symposium. She also suggested that MSWG members make an effort to bring someone as a guest who may be interested in woodcarving and/or embellishing (not just woodturning). That way if you do not like to embellish or paint and the other person loves doing that, you may have laid the groundwork for future collaborations. Bottom Line: This demonstration is for more than just those who turn wood. Hope to see you there! In preparation for the meeting, Linda suggests download the attached document and you view her videos linked below.

  • A Woodturning Internet Rabbit Hole

    I did an internet search the other day and I have no clue now just what I was searching for. One link I encountered took me to You guessed it - down the rabbit hole I went. You may or may not know Kurt Hertzog but he is a well-known author and demonstrator on woodturning and a past president of AAW. I was surprised when I read About Kurt Hertzog on his website and learned what all he has done. The "Rabbit Hole". All of Kurt's publications are available for viewing and downloading. I hope you are as impressed as I am. (I believe I came out of the rabbit hole after many hours and bookmarking the webpage so I can return later.) Click on the rabbit below if you are brave enough: Here is just a very small sample of what you will find inside the rabbit hole: 39 - Woodturning Magazine Articles - Kurt's Clinic Column 13 - American Woodturner Magazine Articles 5 - Woodturning Magazine Miscellaneous Article 5 - Woodturning FUNdamentals Magazine Article 50 - Woodturning Magazine Articles - What You Need to Know About Series 14 - Woodturning Magazine Articles - Workholding Series 14 - Woodturning Magazine Articles - Woodturning Know How Series 31 - Woodturning Design Magazine "Journey from Penturning to Penmaking" Column 24 - Woodturning Design Magazine "Behind the Scenes" Column 19 - Woodturning Design Magazine Miscellaneous Articles and there is so much more!

  • Wig Stand Demonstration - Completing the Paperwork

    As mentioned during my June club-meeting demonstration, "the wig stand is not done until the paperwork is completed". I am pleased to say that all of the demonstration wig stands are now completed, along with two additional ones made from leftover components. "The paperwork" was completed by entering each of the stand's information into MSWG's online tracking form. As promised here is the presentation I used in the demonstration. It is a PDF and can be downloaded by using the button/link below. The plastic bags seen in the photo are from Amazon "Value Pack - Bread Loaf Plastic Bags 8” x 4” x 20”, 700-count ". I bake bread and already had them on hand. Click on the photos to enlarge.

  • Re: MSWG Beads of Courage Program

    The Mid South Woodturners Guild (MSWG) began their support of the National Beads of Courage Program in late 2015 by donating MSWG-made boxes to Memphis’ own Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. This unique local connection with Le Bonheur became a point of pride for members. Unfortunately for MSWG, Le Bonheur ended their participation in the national BoC program at the end of 2021. MSWG and our national organization (The American Association of Woodturners / AAW) continue to support the Beads of Courage program. But without our local donation-point, MSWG member-makers will now be responsible for the cost of shipping their finished boxes to the national Beads of Courage headquarters in Arizona. There will be collection-points during the Tennessee Association of Woodturners (TAW) Regional (Franklin, TN), the Southwest Association of Turners [SWAT] Regional (Waco, TX), and the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) International Symposiums (various cities in the USA). Some of the MSWG members who attend these events have offered to transport finished BoC boxes on behalf of MSWG. Bottom line - If you would like to continue YOUR participation in the Beads of Courage box-making effort, please know that you must either (a) ship your finished boxes to BoC National at your own expense or (b) coordinate with members planning to attend the collection-point events listed above. If you have BoC-related questions, please contact MSWG’s BoC chairman Joseph Voda.

  • Did MSWG make a good decision to cancel the June 18 event? YES - Read on for Heat Hazard Recognition

    Recently MSWG canceled the June 18 outdoor TURN-IN event. Ten members replied with wording such as "Great Call!". Ron Wickens even sent the image below as part of his comments. The image got me thinking about some heat-related information members may not know, such as: Weather services measure temperature and Heat Index in the shade. Being in the sun can make things considerably hotter. Direct sunlight can increase the Heat Index by up to 135°F (7.5°C). 50%-70% of outdoor fatalities occur in the first few days of being outdoors in warm or hot environments because the body needs to gradually build a tolerance to the heat over time, a process called heat acclimatization. Lack of acclimatization represents a major risk factor for fatal heat-related outcomes. Heat intolerance happens for a variety of reasons. Personal risk factors include: - Obesity (body mass index ≥ 30 kg/m2) - Diabetes - High blood pressure - Heart disease - Lower level of physical fitness - Use of certain medications such as diuretics (water pills) and some psychiatric or blood pressure medicines - Some medications can result in the inability to feel heat conditions and/or the inability to sweat, so symptoms of heat stress may not be evident. - Alcohol use Below is the standard Heat Index Conversion Table (you can click on it to enlarge) Did MSWG make a good decision to cancel? Yes See the following facts: On Saturday June 18 at 12 noon the heat index was 100° and climbing Adding in the direct sun factor (weather was clear) meant adding at least 10° to that reading On asphalt our members would have experienced an estimated temperature of over 143° The UV index at 12 noon was 9.5 (considered very high) with the following national weather warning - "Very high risk of harm from unprotected Sun exposure. Alert in effect for 8 hours between 10am–6pm." Many of the MSWG members who planned to attend are over 60 and many have some type of underlying health issue. Most if not all MSWG members lack any significant acclimatization to the intense Memphis heat Give the above-listed effects of heat on the body, attending members would have been exposed to the RED area on the chart above. What did we learn? MSWG should plan outdoor activities such as the one just canceled during non-summertime months and, if possible, in a covered/well-shaded area.

  • Segmented Woodturners 7th Segmenting Symposium Northbrook, Illinois

    MSWG members are talking about the AAW Symposium, SWAT, TAW and others. However, why are we not also talking about the Segmented Woodturners 7th Segmenting Symposium in Northbrook, Illinois? Most likely because most of us did not know about it. For more information on the Segmenting Symposium click this link: If you are going to this Segmenting Symposium, please let us know by clicking on this link: Below are photos of some of the demonstrator works that will be at the symposium.

  • Wig Stand - President's Challenge for Jun 18, 2022, Meeting

    The President’s Challenge for May and June is to turn Wig Stands to support Cancer Patients who have lost their hair during the treatment of their disease. This new ongoing outreach effort is a way for our club to GIVE BACK for all the blessings we have had and to help others as we have fun woodturning. Note: we will continue making wig stands beyond June, but this challenge is a way to jump start our program. The challenge is to turn as many Wig Stands as you can during the months of May and June for display at our June 18 monthly meeting. There are many examples of these stands shown on our website. You can click the following link to see instructions, examples. GUIDELINES: The overall design of the wig stand can be as creative as possible within the following guidelines: Height 12-14” assembled - approximately Cap – 3 ½ to 5” diameter domed by approx. 1-1/4”-1-1/2” thick Base - 5 to 6” diameter by 1-1/2” – 2” thick, sized to complement the cap and heavy enough to provide stability. Optional - the base can be shaped to hold small pieces of jewelry, but this is not a requirement. Finish – Stands can be left natural or embellished using carving, burning, staining, and/or painting. However, since the wigs may be damp after use, a water-resistant overcoat must be applied to prevent damage to the wig. Wood - Any type of wood can be used as can other appropriate materials such as resin. Segmenting and laminating are acceptable but a waterproof glue like Tite-bond 3 or epoxy is recommended along with the water-resistant finish. Soft woods like pine and cedar can be used but be aware that if you plan on staining there is a lot of end grain visible that will absorb a lot of stain. Have fun with this, be creative. This President's Challenge ends at the June 18 club meeting; however you can bring turnings to the May club meeting for safe keeping. During the June 18 meeting, Club members will vote on submissions and a cash prize of $50 will be given for 1st Place and a cash prize of $25 will be given for 2nd Place at the end of the meeting. Let's meet this CHALLENGE and show a solid start to meeting the NEED. As part of this ongoing outreach program, we want to keep an accurate inventory of wig stands made/donated by club members. To that end, we have created an online tracking form on our website along with a photo gallery. As you complete your wig stands, please be sure to enter the information for each stand or group of stands on the website. You can access the tracking form using the button below or by visiting the GIVING BACK - Wig Stands page on the website. You will able to submit photos of your wig stands using the link provided on that webpage.

  • Matt Monaco - Hands-On Workshop

    The Workshop was held at Rick Stone's Shop on Sunday April 26th Sharpening lesson Grinding the skew chisel to a "SOFT SWEEP PROFILE" Steps to grind "Soft Sweep Profile" Adjust the grinder platform to create a 20 - 25 degree bevel Place the skew on platform 90 degree to horizontal holding the tool against the platform Start the grind on the long point and sweep towards the short point then back. Note: Do not over rotate past perpendicular. Reverse sides and repeat. Keep grinding until there is a continuous grind from edge to bottom of grind on each side. Also take note to balance the edges so the length of grind (edge to bottom of grind) is equal on both sides. This will place the sharpened edge in the center of the tool width. For right handed turners, you will want the bur on the top side of the skew with the long point on the left. To achieve this, your last grind should be made with the point on the right of the platform. Short clip on grinding "Soft Sweep Profile" Turning Instruction Roughing blank to a cylinder, cutting beads. Learning from the Master ADVANCED TURNING - Cutting a Ring with a skew Cutting a ring with a skew. Class Photo

  • MSWG to be featured on WKNO Gallery 1091

    I am pleased to announce that MSWG has been selected as the featured artist in an online (and possibly on-site also) art exhibit by WKNO-TV/FM in their Gallery Ten|Ninety|One art gallery during the entire month of August. Under the terms of the agreement, MSWG and our wood turned items will be promoted via an interview by one of their on-air personalities (Kacky Walton) to be broadcast just prior to the exhibit “opening” and the exhibit and its items will also be promoted on WKNO-TV channel 10. If you wish to participate and offer your items for sale, please read the rules and criteria for participation posted on our web site and accessible by clicking here or via the link below. In summary: Any member can participate and offer items for sale. They request not more than 2 items per person. Currently exhibits are only online at www.wkno.oeg/gallery-1091. However, if the station decides to also resume on-site display, items will also be shown at their lobby exhibit space 7151 Cherry Farms Rd., in Cordova. If on-site exhibits resume, we also have the option to have a reception (food would be at our expense). If you want to participate, submit digital images of your items along with descriptions as instructed in the document posted on our web site (accessible by clicking on this link. The station will handle all payment processing and can also handle shipping of sold items. Items for sale must be priced - please reference Participation is totally optional, but we encourage you to take advantage of this chance to increase your revenue. If the exhibit goes well, this may become an annual event between WKNO and MSWG. If you need additional details after reviewing the document on our website, please contact: Avi Pelc 612-817-1470.

  • Matt Monaco - Workshop on Sunday April 24, 2022, starting at 8am

    Matt's hand-on workshop will be at Rick Stone's, 5704 Montpelier Dr., Bartlett, TN 38134. Matt's workshop will be on using the skew. This will be a long morning session so plan on a late lunch. Contact Rick Stone for additional details at (901) 553-0853. There are limited openings so make your reservation ASAP. The cost of the workshop has not been finalized by the MSWG board of directors. I can tell you it will be $125 or less, but again - the price has not been finalized. An example of Matt's skew workshop can be seen in the YouTube video below.

  • Matt Monaco - April 23, 2022 In-Person Demonstration

    Matt Monaco will be demonstrating his signature bowl at our meeting on April 23, 2022 (In-Person at Bartlett Station Municipal Center) starting at 9AM. Be sure to plan on returning after lunch for the afternoon session. You may recall the excellent demonstration by Matt at our 2019 Octoberfest - those photos are below:

  • Emmett Manley: author of WOOD SPIN

    Emmett Manley is a longtime member of MSWG and AAW. He is a retired medical scientist/professor who got hooked on woodturning in 2005. He enjoys studying and collecting wood native to western Tennessee and turning that wood into useful items. But did you know that starting in 2009 Emmett authored over 100 articles that were featured in Turners Talk or American Association of Woodturners' publications? Samples of his authored articles can be viewed by clicking on the following images. To see an index of most of Emmett's woodturning related articles, use this link: The Midsouth Woodturners Guild Then select the subpage under Resources & Doc or click the photo below.

  • Hands-On Workshop with Sammy Long

    On Sunday February 27th a Hands-On Workshop was held at Rick Stone's Shop. Two projects were offered to the participants. The first was a 7-1/2" diameter cherry disc to carve 3-D Leaves on. The second was a 4" square cherry tile. (See photos of projects carved by Sammy.) Cherry Disc w/ 3 leaves Sample Tiles #1 Sample Tiles #2 Participants used high speed rotary carvers and each workstation had high speed carving bits, sandbag to hold their piece while carving, templet materials, copies of leaves to trace, an exact-o knife, & pencil to trace pattern on their blank canvas (wood). The following is a pictorial primer on the process. ONE - Layout leaf pattern on the wood canvas to be carved. Bob Hobbs & Bill Smith working on leaves template TWO - Trace the leaves on the wood canvas Kirk Smith & Bill Bleau laying out and tracing pattern on wood canvas THREE - Carve the outline of the leaf onto the wood canvas Bill & Kirk Smith, Barry Barkley, and Karl Loblien carving outline of leaf FOUR - Cut background (negative space) so leaf appears above background Paul Sherman, Kirk Smith, and Bill Bleau cutting away the negative space (background) FIVE - Carve the face of the leaf giving depth and movement to the leaf Doug Woodward, Bill Blue, & Sammy Long carving leaves SIX - Draw and carve the stem (no photos) SEVEN - Embellish the negative space (background) The negative space can be removed, carved, or burned EIGHT - Refine and smooth leaf surface and coat with Heritage Danish Oil (no photo) FINISHED PRODUCTS Sammy Long's MSWG Class of 2022 Wood Carvers

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