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MSWG - Photographic tips and suggestions

Over the past few days, I have observed more questions than usual regarding photographing our art works and particularly photographing items for sale on WKNO.

A Google search looking for help typically gives results with a lot of opinions and confusing / contradictory information.

As I see it there are three main choices:

  1. Grab a phone, camera or other device and take a photo or video (excepting that is good enough). But ask yourself - did that quick photo give the item I made the respect it deserved?

  2. Phone a friend. In other words, find someone to take the photos for you. This can even be a fee for service.

  3. Improved DIY photos and videos. This takes education, equipment, practice, hours of skill building (trial and error), and a work area(s). An analogy would be a beginning woodturner with a new mini lathe wanting to make a gallery show piece after making only a few wood tops. This person does not yet have the education, equipment, practice, and hours of skill building to complete that desired task. The same is true if you plan on taking great photos.

If you are a number 1 or 3 person, I suggest not doing a Google search but going directly to the website linked below. The guidelines there should help with whatever level of effort you choose to apply to your photo images.


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