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Education and Outreach

The Mid South Woodturners Guild is a local chapter of the American Association of Woodturners. The AAW is an international, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the woodturning craft.

MSWG's mission is to provide information, education, a meeting place and an effective organization for all who are interested in turning wood.

We encourage everyone to browse through our website.
Getting Started
If you are interested in woodturning. your first stop for complete and accurate education resources is
The American Association of Woodturners (AAW)
Click the button for a direct link to AAW.
To learn more about woodturning come as a guest to one of our meetings. (Guests attend for free unless otherwise specified for a specific event)
To learn more about our meetings visit our Home Page and the About Us tab.  You can also contact us by clicking on this button

MSWG members enjoy
  • Monthly meeting demonstrations
  • Access to our mentors
  • Access to our members only section of the website (resources)
  • Access to our video and book library
  • Access to our member roster 
  • MWSG's frequent "Hands - On - Workshops"
  • ​MSWG's yearly sales booth during the Pink Place Craft Fair​
  • Discounts at the local Woodworking store
 MSWG public outreach and educational demonstrations have included:
  • Pink Place Craft Fair (Yearly)
  • Bartlett Festival (Yearly)
  • Delta Fair (Yearly)
  • Art in the Loop (Yearly)
  • River Arts (one of our members)
  • Memphis Zoo (one of our members)
  • Local Woodworking Store (when asked)

MSWG is the featured photo on the MoSH Annual Pink Palace Crafts Fair website for 2022.


MSWG demonstration at Delta Fair

Click on photo to enlarge and read
Monthly Meeting 
Small Group Hands-on
Tips and Tricks in Woodturning
(Archives starting
in 2004)
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