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Color Scheme

Why Wix?

With Wix, you do not need a lot of computer skill to get a decent website in place. If you have used MS Word, Power Point, and other similar programs you can use Wix.  In Wix selecting objects like text boxes, images, changing fonts, colors etc. are all similar to Microsoft Office and Google Docs tools.


This is very important because now more individuals have the skills needed to maintain the MSWG website.  It is truly WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) technologically. 

MSWG wanted to avoid bright and flashy colors. We considered several color schemes with the goal of "easy on the eyes". After considering many color schemes that are standard in Microsoft Office, we made our own color scheme.  


We chose a gray background and limited the number of colors (plus black and white) for simplicity.  

Color Theme Website.jpg


Goes to white background black letters.

Font Used

The predominant font used on the site is Raleway in black or white.


PC magazine stated the following, "Sleek as a Bullet train, Raleway is an intriguing sans-serif typeface from American designer Matt McInerney, the man behind the massive styling of Orbitron. Raleway’s appearance is sharp and functional, but that won’t stop font lovers from calling it Grotesque."


It is also a standard WIX and Google web font.

Headers are 36 and 22 pt and text is typically 18, 14, or 12 pt.

Image Galleries

All of the image technology we use for images, image galleries and image slide shows are created and offered by Wix as part of their platform.


The color scheme we use in most of the image galleries will take a small image to full screen mode on a black background when you click/touch on it.


The full screen mode provides navigation for previous and next on the left and right sides as well as minimize and close buttons at the top.

In many cases there are options to download the image(s) in high resolution. 


MSWG has chosen not to water mark images because of the extra effort involved.   Also, there is software out there that will digitally remove water marks, so they really only keep honest people honest.


When MSWG members display their art/woodturning in our instant gallery, they are aware it will be photographed unless they specifically request otherwise in writing.


We do not use templates.  Each page starts as open canvas just like a Power Point or many other Microsoft programs. 


Many woodturning club websites using templates.  We did not want to look "canned."


We are makers and makers like to create, not look like something machine made.

Like most Microsoft programs, WIX allows the use of vertical guidelines where website elements can snap during placement.


We do our best to use the same vertical guides on all pages for continuity.

Best Wix icon size for Homepage links is 600 x 600

Best Wix icon size for social sharing is 700 x 500

Animations & Transitions

We are not trying to be flashy with animations since the website is meant for easily accessible information. 


On all pages, the header bar will smoothly get out of the way when you scroll down on the page, and as you start scrolling up, the header bar comes back down. 


For those who feel differently than MSWG, just know that WIX offers the ability to make a website flashy to the point that it could look like the 4th of July.  


We have used scripting sparingly. The reasoning is to make it as easy as possible to hand over the development/maintenance process of the website to the next webmaster.

Third Party Plugins

We are not using third party plugins. Third party plugins can be problematic over time and would make our website harder to maintain.


Wix does offer many third-party apps, but we choose not to use them.  


We focus on using standard Wix technology that is developed and supported by Wix. We want to keep it simple so that it is as easy as possible to maintain the website.


Many of our pages are derived from multiple databases maintained in WIX. All of the databases are easy to maintain and update. When a database is updated, it automatically updates the linked webpage(s). 

Adding new data to pages or creating new pages using the data is a not hard using the underlying data structure.


For those interested, our databases are FSA Fuzzy Logic algorithm for site search. In that respect they are a little complex so only approved members are given the permissions necessary to do updates.


We have chosen not to have an online calendar because of the constant upkeep. 


We feel it is better to maintain a printable list of club activities instead of asking our members to scroll through multiple calendar pages.  

Cover images

Cover images appear in your blog feeds and other blog elements. This is what readers see when they're scrolling through your blog before they select a post. As they do not appear on a full page, it's recommended to use a slightly smaller image than for the rest of your blog post images. 

The recommended size for cover images depends on your blog layout. 

  • Side by side: Varies according to the options you selected:

    • Regular: 940 x 726 px (Ratio: 9 x 7)

    • If you disable views, comments and likes: 940 x 612 px (Ratio: 17 x 11)

  • Tiled / Brick:   

    • Minimum size: 940 x 186 px (Ratio: 15 x 3)

    • Maximum size: 940 x 1456 px (Ratio: 9 x 14) 

  • Magazine / Postcard: 940 x 940 px (Ratio: 1 x 1)

  • Editorial: 940 x 534 px (Ratio: 16 x 9)

  • One Column: 940 x 400 px (Ratio: 21:9)

  • Full Post: Not applicable

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