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Wig Stand - President's Challenge for Jun 18, 2022, Meeting

Updated: May 9, 2022

The President’s Challenge for May and June is to turn Wig Stands to support Cancer Patients who have lost their hair during the treatment of their disease. This new ongoing outreach effort is a way for our club to GIVE BACK for all the blessings we have had and to help others as we have fun woodturning.

Note: we will continue making wig stands beyond June, but this challenge is a way to jump start our program.


The challenge is to turn as many Wig Stands as you can during the months of May and June for display at our June 18 monthly meeting. There are many examples of these stands shown on our website. You can click the following link to see instructions, examples.



The overall design of the wig stand can be as creative as possible within the following guidelines:

  • Height 12-14” assembled - approximately

  • Cap – 3 ½ to 5” diameter domed by approx. 1-1/4”-1-1/2” thick

  • Base - 5 to 6” diameter by 1-1/2” – 2” thick, sized to complement the cap and heavy enough to provide stability. Optional - the base can be shaped to hold small pieces of jewelry, but this is not a requirement.

  • Finish – Stands can be left natural or embellished using carving, burning, staining, and/or painting. However, since the wigs may be damp after use, a water-resistant overcoat must be applied to prevent damage to the wig.

  • Wood - Any type of wood can be used as can other appropriate materials such as resin.

  • Segmenting and laminating are acceptable but a waterproof glue like Tite-bond 3 or epoxy is recommended along with the water-resistant finish.

  • Soft woods like pine and cedar can be used but be aware that if you plan on staining there is a lot of end grain visible that will absorb a lot of stain.

Have fun with this, be creative.

This President's Challenge ends at the June 18 club meeting; however you can bring turnings to the May club meeting for safe keeping.

During the June 18 meeting, Club members will vote on submissions and a cash prize of $50 will be given for 1st Place and a cash prize of $25 will be given for 2nd Place at the end of the meeting.

Let's meet this CHALLENGE and show a solid start to meeting the NEED.


As part of this ongoing outreach program, we want to keep an accurate inventory of wig stands made/donated by club members. To that end, we have created an online tracking form on our website along with a photo gallery.

As you complete your wig stands, please be sure to enter the information for each stand or group of stands on the website. You can access the tracking form using the button below or by visiting the GIVING BACK - Wig Stands page on the website.

You will able to submit photos of your wig stands using the link provided on that webpage.

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