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Torus Vases
July 2023 meeting featuring a demo by Craig Timmerman

This video is for MSWG members only.  Do not post the link on a public site or share it with others.

You can find replay of the Torus Vases video above or the below link:

Following is a list of demo-related links and resources:

Craig"s website and the torus and inlay demo handouts:


Bedan tool


3/8" beading and parting tool


Heavy duty bowl scraper



Flared vase tubes


Polystyrene (plastic) test tubes


Drill bits (including morse taper)


Man-made turquoise


Real Turquoise (and other stone) - Dennis Liggett


Slotted, sleeveless sanding drum -  Klingspor woodworkingshop


Sanding discs -


Sanding mandrels - The Sanding Glove (medium density)


Bond optic epoxy - Agates Anonymous and Rare Earth Trading


Starbond CA glues

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