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May 20, 2023, Meeting: Instant Gallery, President's Challenge. and Other Information

I think everyone is agreement that Trent Bosch's IRD on his Mountain Bowl was excellent.

For those who want to watch his demo again, he will be sending a link that will be shared with the membership in a separate Blog when we get the link from Trent.


Instant Gallery and President's Challenge - Click on the image to enlarge.


May 20, 2023, General Meeting Notes

  • We had one guest - Arliss Thomas Pearson

  • As of 4/22/2023, we have 86 Paid or Lifetime Members.

  • We had 38 attendees.

  • We sold $80 in raffle tickets (helping to pay for our refreshments)

  • 11 Members participated in the Instant Gallery.

  • 14 Members participated in the President's Challenge:

  • 4 Members participated the Wig Stand Program (4 wig stands donated).

  • Trent Bosch did a great demo - holding everyone’s attention and no one left early.


I hope members thank Bill Siller for taking great photos. He missed most of the IRD and thank goodness he will be able to view it on the replay.

You may have noticed that Bill was using our new Angler Port-a-Cube LED Light Tent with Dimmer II (Large, 27").

NOTE: For those members who want to make their instant gallery tags before coming to the meeting you can download the printable pdf below.

Instant gallery tags V4 2023-05-20
Download PDF • 73KB


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