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MSWG to be featured on WKNO Gallery 1091

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

I am pleased to announce that MSWG has been selected as the featured artist in an online (and possibly on-site also) art exhibit by WKNO-TV/FM in their Gallery Ten|Ninety|One art gallery during the entire month of August. Under the terms of the agreement, MSWG and our wood turned items will be promoted via an interview by one of their on-air personalities (Kacky Walton) to be broadcast just prior to the exhibit “opening” and the exhibit and its items will also be promoted on WKNO-TV channel 10.

If you wish to participate and offer your items for sale, please read the rules and criteria for participation posted on our web site and accessible by clicking here or via the link below.

In summary:

  • Any member can participate and offer items for sale. They request not more than 2 items per person.

  • Currently exhibits are only online at www.wkno.oeg/gallery-1091. However, if the station decides to also resume on-site display, items will also be shown at their lobby exhibit space 7151 Cherry Farms Rd., in Cordova. If on-site exhibits resume, we also have the option to have a reception (food would be at our expense).

  • If you want to participate, submit digital images of your items along with descriptions as instructed in the document posted on our web site (accessible by clicking on this link.

  • The station will handle all payment processing and can also handle shipping of sold items.

  • Items for sale must be priced - please reference

Participation is totally optional, but we encourage you to take advantage of this chance to increase your revenue. If the exhibit goes well, this may become an annual event between WKNO and MSWG.

If you need additional details after reviewing the document on our website, please contact:

Avi Pelc




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