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Put a Cork On It

Any old corks lying around? I mean after you sniff them, now what? Here's a way to recycle them and maybe keep you from cutting yourself when traveling with your tools.

I started using these rubbery left-overs a year or two ago for my dog grooming gear for shows with the Schnauzers. Really not fun to get poked by sharp scissor points when grabbing something from the tack box! Ouch! Sticking an old wine cork has greatly helped with that issue and helps prevent damage to the ends of the scissors.

Does this transfer to the turning world? Maybe. Here's a shot of a series of tools in a roll up for travel. Not bad, but could be better!

After carefully adding the corks to the sharp end of the tools, I think my odds of keeping my roll-up and my hands unscarred just improved :)

Hopefully, this will help with your tools as well!!!


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