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Chainsaw Cutting Table

My 15 plus year old chainsaw table needed to be replaced. I decided today was the day. Why today? Well, I had room in the trash container for the old table and one thing led to the next.

What surprised me was that the time from my decision to trash the old one to the 100% completion of the new one was just under three hours. This time included:

  • Demoing the old one and moving it to the curb for trash day.

  • Designing the new one

  • Going to Home Dept and getting everything

  • Building the new table

  • I even put everything away and cleaned up :-)

There are many log cutting stands and table designs. My old one served me well, so I made the same design again with only a few modifications.

I used 4" Deckmate screws

If you are interested here is my project sketch. (Click on photo to enlarge)

I used 4" Deckmate screws.

If you copy this design, make sure to position the screws on the lower half of the top. That way when your saw cuts into the table you do not hit a screw (voice of experience at work - on my old one I hit a screw and had to replace the chain).

Process photos.

Another surprise was how little material I had left over. Three screws, 4 end pieces about 1/4" long, and saw dust. And the project's total cost was under budget with a cost of $37.19.


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