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Candle Stick and Milk Paint Class

Saturday March 11, 2023, we had a workshop at Rick Stone's shop. The topic was embellishing wood using various techniques to cause a relief in the wood that was filled with layers of milk paint then sanded, burnished and finished to enhance the effect.

We started by turning a spindle from polar or cottonwood. We then used several texturing techniques on the spindles such as wire brush, knurling, screwdriver with a hammer, and more. We added multi coats of milk paint, sanded, and steel wooled the painting. Then applied wax or other finishing topcoat,

This was completed before noon (see photo below).

Click on photos to enlarge and/or download.

Afternoon Candle Stick Project

After lunch was the candle stick project. We applied all the learned techniques from the morning to make our candle stick.

Above - Top row left to right: Masanori Igarashi, Mark Manning, and Sam Dawson,

Bottom row right to left: Ken Burnette and Mark Baxter.

Below are members hard at work!


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