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MSWG's April 6th Pen Turning Class in Conjunction with The Woodwork Shop

Updated: Apr 16

The Woodwork Shop, Inc. hosted the Midsouth Woodturners Guild for a Learn-to-Turn-a-Pen” Hands-On Workshop on April 6. By the end of the day, both organizations declared it a successful joint venture!

Fifteen students completed their first pens. One student in an email to MSWG stated the following:

"Just to say thank you to all involved yesterday. The class was well organized, everyone made us feel at ease and the teaching was magnificent. Can’t wait for another!

I know how much effort is involved in making something like that go smoothly and am very appreciative.

PS. My wife loved her new birthday present—her new pen."

The owner of The Wood Workshop stated in an email:

"You guys and your Club did a great job Saturday!! Thank you for allowing the Woodwork Shop to participate in this special event. I look forward to planning the next one.

Hope to see you soon."


Rotation 1 (left to right) Student Adrienne Miller with Matt Garner, Student Frederick Boop with Mark Maxwell, Sam Dawson, Student Sven Nystrom with Larry Sefton, Student Roland Lee with Bob Wolfe, and Student Cotton Foyt with Revo Reeves.

Rotation 2 (left to right) Student Mike Jackson with Matt Garner, Student Tony Guerin with Mark Maxwell, Sam Dawson, Student Joe Mariencheck with Bob Wolfe, Student Mark Baxter with Revo Reeves, and Student Cameron Buckley with Larry Sefton.

Rotation 3 (left to right) Student Barry Mize with Mark Maxwell, Student Larry Davidson with Bob Wolfe, Sam Dawson, Student Tammie Mize with Ron Wickens, Student Gary King with Larry Sefton, and Student "Doc" Shaw with Revo Reeves.


See all the photos of the students turning their pens

by clicking on the images below.


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