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Chesney Bethea Changed My View of the Pink Place Craft Fair Forever in 2022

It is always wonderful when you are told a story that makes you feel good. What is even better is when something unexpected happens that topped the story. As a MSWG club member and woodturner I hope you get the same feeling after reading the following.

On the first day of the 50th anniversary of the Pink Place Craft Fair (2022) a young lady and her mother approached Joseph Voda and me. We were both involved in making wood tops for the public. We noticed that Chesney was watching intently and then she spoke up.

Chesney Bethea at Top Turning Demonstration 2022

Her story went something like this:

You guys have been doing this for years and I think it is great. I have been coming for years and you have always been here, and it makes such a difference.

Then she continued. I got a top each year I came, and they are special to me.

I have them in a collection at home.

Her mother spoke up telling us how as a child Chesney would wait patiently for her top and how she looked forward to getting her top during their yearly visit to the Pink Place Craft Fair.

We must have talked for 10 minutes.

What a great story.

The next day the unexpected happened. I was at the table for tops and who shows up but Chesney. She made a special trip back to show us her top collection.

I was speechless as she pulled one after another out of her purse. She had a total of 7 and stated she thought she had lost a couple of the very first ones.

I just had to ask her if she would please spin them for us.

Chesney got to decorate her top this year - something she had never gotten to do in the past.

I hope this story inspires you the same way it did me to keep volunteering to be part of the tops demonstration at the Pink Palace Craft Fair.


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