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Tips for Demonstrations - Is your club doing public demonstrations?

This type of demonstrating is NOT the same as club meetings to other woodturners.

The following webpage link by Hilton Handcraft of the Ozarks should be read by each woodturner doing a public demonstration.

Tips for Club Demonstrations (

You will also find a link to this on the home page of the MSWG website at the bottom of the page.

Here are "The Cliff Notes"

  1. Be prepared

  2. Dress appropriately - wear logo gear if possible

  3. Don't bring too much stuff

  4. Practice what you are going to do

  5. Slow down

  6. Where are your viewers?

  7. School is NOT in session - There's a fine line between demonstrating, educating, and explaining what you are doing vs. turning things into a turning class.

  8. This isn't your club meeting

  9. DON'T show me the money

  10. Freebies make the world go around

  11. Make the most of your host

  12. Make some noise

  13. Variety Is key

  14. Know your audience

  15. Use the 15-Minute rule

  16. Have a good front person

  17. Promote your organization

  18. Have a sign-up sheet to be contacted for more information!

  19. Have a sign-up sheet to subscribe to your club's upcoming events e-mails!

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