Hands-On Workshop with Sammy Long

On Sunday February 27th a Hands-On Workshop was held at Rick Stone's Shop. Two projects were offered to the participants. The first was a 7-1/2" diameter cherry disc to carve 3-D Leaves on. The second was a 4" square cherry tile. (See photos of projects carved by Sammy.)

Cherry Disc w/ 3 leaves Sample Tiles #1 Sample Tiles #2

Participants used high speed rotary carvers and each workstation had high speed carving bits, sandbag to hold their piece while carving, templet materials, copies of leaves to trace, an exact-o knife, & pencil to trace pattern on their blank canvas (wood).

The following is a pictorial primer on the process.

ONE - Layout leaf pattern on the wood canvas to be carved.

Bob Hobbs & Bill Smith working on leaves template

TWO - Trace the leaves on the wood canvas

Kirk Smith & Bill Bleau laying out and tracing pattern on wood canvas

THREE - Carve the outline of the leaf onto the wood canvas

Bill & Kirk Smith, Barry Barkley, and Karl Loblien carving outline of leaf

FOUR - Cut background (negative space) so leaf appears above background

Paul Sherman, Kirk Smith, and Bill Bleau cutting away the negative space (background)

FIVE - Carve the face of the leaf giving depth and movement to the leaf

Doug Woodward, Bill Blue, & Sammy Long carving leaves

SIX - Draw and carve the stem (no photos)

SEVEN - Embellish the negative space (background)

The negative space can be removed, carved, or burned

EIGHT - Refine and smooth leaf surface and coat with Heritage Danish Oil (no photo)


Sammy Long's MSWG Class of 2022 Wood Carvers

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