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January 2023 Monthly Meeting Notes

Key Facts

Pens for Troops

  • Sam Dawson stated MSWG shipped 190 pens in 2022.

  • Sam is planning a Turn-In to make pens. Location will be Rick Stone's shop and there will be a morning and afternoon session. Date TBA.

Three-Legged Stool with Milk Paint Finish - Possible Hands-On

  • Bob Wolfe is planning to provide a summary document on his Three-Legged Stool with Milk Paint Finish demonstration.

  • Bob also stated that if enough members are interested, he would lead a Hands-On Class on making three-legged stools. If held, he would supply the materials at a reasonable cost for those who attend.

  • If interested, please send Bob Wolfe an email.

Wig Stands for Cancer

  • Joseph Voda stated that beginning with the January meeting, members submitting a turned and finished wig stand will receive a voucher for $5 for each wig stand. To redeem the voucher, just turn it in to the MSWG Treasurer. The vouchers can also be used to purchase raffle tickets, or they can be donated back to the club. (FYI/fine print - the voucher program has a budget of $500 and will be terminated when that budget is depleted.)

  • Joseph is planning on offering free kits/wood to members willing to make wig stands. If interested contact Joseph. There will be a limited supply.

  • Joseph also asked for wood donations for wig stands.

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