Bob Wolfe Zoom April Demo

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Coming on April 25th will be a Zoom demonstration of Bob Wolfe demonstrating his lighthouse pepper mill.

Our first self produced Zoom demonstration will be our own Bob Wolfe demonstrating his lighthouse pepper mill. Bob was extremely successful marketing these items at the 2019 Pink Palace Craft Fair. Many of them were produced using curly grain bat billets that we picked up while visiting our bat contact in Bernie, Missouri. David Keathly run a company that produces dry bat billets for bat companies that supply major league players and professional teams as well as minor league franchises. The good part of this whole venture is he cannot use curly wood in a bat, it must be made of the straightest wood possible which is how we purchase the highly figured wood from him which allows him to make some money from an unusable product in the bat industry.

This is the pepper mill sample that Bob had at his shop when I visited to do the run through for his demo. Beautiful work.

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