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Successful 2022 Pink Palace Craft Fair for MSWG

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Measuring success:

  1. Sales were very good with most selling members pleased and stating they would back with more merchandise next year. I personally made about $400 more than I expected, and my total will pay for my used Oneway lathe.

  2. There were 14 club members selling. All club members and in some cases their wives appeared to have fun. The biggest complaints I heard were sore muscles from more use than normal.

  3. Several of us enjoyed hearing one retired member telling, "and a young woman gave me a nice big hug". The person talking was 91 years old. Way to go Ray Tanner!

  4. MSWG's demonstration and FREE tops were once again as successful as past years. Channel 24 on Friday recorded several minutes of video because of all the activity and wood chips.

  5. Many visitors told us "You have the best booth".

  6. There was another success that cannot be overlooked. Rick Cannon was sitting at the end of a table doing pyrography. He appeared to always have a couple people looking over his shoulder or sitting to watch and ask questions. For anyone that wanted their name on a wood tongue depressor, he would burn it on along with a hole in the end for a string. At times he had several children in line waiting their turn.

Sam with his usual smile!

A feel-good story. On Saturday a young lady named "Chesney" and her mother came by the top making lathe.

Chesney told us that when she was a child, she came to the Pink Place Craft Fair every year and each year she got a MSWG top and that she still had the collection at home.

On Sunday she came back to show us her top collection (see photo below). How cool is that!

We took a video of Chesney spinning her tops (and more photos), but they are not on this blog because . . . after seeing them, a representative from the Pink Place stated they would like to use them.

Chesney's top collection from the past Mid South Woodturning booth visits.


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