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Gouges Not Fitting Your Sharpening Jig

The other day a MSWG member stated that he wanted to learn hand sharpening since he could no longer use his sharpening jig because the tool was too short.

I had the same problem and here is my solution.

When I buy a gouge, I consider:

  1. Flat Milled Gouges: Meaning there is a flat milled on the top and you can use your sharpening jig all the way down to the end.

  2. Standard size shanks that will fit my tool handles.

  3. Making or buying a handle that allows me to remove the gouge for easier sharpening (so the handle does not get in the way).

The last two gouges I purchased were from Robust Tools and I love them. Why may you ask?

  1. They have a flat milled on the top and that makes them work great in my DIY handles that use setscrews.

  2. They have a shank turned to a diameter that works for me.

  3. They have performed outstandingly well for me.

  4. No, I am not marketing for Robust Tools!


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