TURN-IN Pens-for-Troops June 5, 2021


Saturday June 5, 2021 at Rick Stone"s shop


SESSION TWO 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Each session can accommodate 8 people, so schedule your session ASAP.

  • SUPPLIES FOR Pens (blanks, pen kits, finish) PROVIDED

  • Tools for turning will be limited so BRING YOUR OWN TURNING TOOLS

  • Lathes to turn on will be PROVIDED

  • Limited Mandrels to mount blanks will be provided so IF YOU HAVE A PEN MANDREL, PLEASE BRING IT to reduce the need to share

PREFERRED SIGN-UP METHOD: Go to Website home page and click on “UPDATE YOUR MEMBER INFORMATION” This will open the form below:

  1. Enter your First & Last Name

  2. Enter your preferred - Email address

  3. Enter your preferred - phone number

  4. Enter which session you - prefer in the “Type your message here…” (If it does not matter, enter “EITHER SESSION”)SUBMIT

This will send us an email with your name, contact information and desired session.

Map to Rick Stone's

If you register and later find you cannot make it to this event, please call our Pens-for-Troops chairman Sam Dawson at 901-734-9157 (or email him at samdawson65@yahoo.com) so he can fill your slot with someone else.

And as always, to learn how YOU can benefit MSWG's charitable efforts, contact one of your BoD members - together we CAN make a difference.

Sam assembling pens.

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