AAW Vote on Bylaw Ammendment

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Ballot to Approve Amending the American Association of Woodturners - Bylaws Section 5.03.

Member voting period: April 1-30, 2020 The AAW Board of Directors has adopted an amendment to the Bylaws of the Associa- tion, subject to the approval of a majority of members casting votes. The amendment would permit the Board of Directors to appoint one Director for each annual election. Background AAW operates cost-effectively with minimal full-time staff to keep dues as low as possi- ble. The efficient running of the Association is dependent on having a Board whose oversight responsibilities complement and support the roles performed by the staff, such as finance, project leadership, legal, personnel, marketing, technology, etc. When the Board is made up of individuals having a balance of these skills, the Board can better serve the needs of the membership. To maintain that balance the following change in the Bylaws will allow the Board to fill one of the three Board positions in each annual election. For each annual election, the membership will elect two candidates from a minimum slate of four and a maximum of six nominees. The Board will appoint one person who the Board has determined will help maintain a beneficial balance of skills and expertise on the Board. The Board appointed person must meet all the minimum requirements to be a Director, as stated in the Bylaws, as well as have the desired skill set needed. At no time would the Board of nine Directors have more than three Board appointed Di- rectors, because of the staggered election of three Directors per election, except in the case of a Director resigning before completing their term. In that case, the Board would appoint a qualified individual to fill the balance of the unexpired term, as is currently 8

TENNESSEE ASSOCIATION OF WOODTURNERS stated in the Bylaws. Your vote is requested. The Board has unanimously voted to put this Bylaws change to a vote by the membership and recommends the members approve. AAW members are asked to vote on whether you approve of amending existing Section 5.03 of the AAW Bylaws, which currently reads: “In each election, the three candidates receiving the most votes by those casting ballots will serve for three years.” By voting yes the existing language would be replaced with: “In each election, the two candidates receiving the most votes by those casting ballots will serve for three years. The third Board Member will be appointed by a two thirds majority vote of the Board of Directors and serve for three years.”

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