Skip Wilbur - Mar 26 Demonstration: Wood stabilization, resin casting & turning your favorite burl.

I’m planning to inspire you to experiment with another aspect of woodturning. After all, “resin casting wood isn’t just for pen turners anymore.”

During this demonstration I will take you through the process of stabilizing burl by impregnating it with resin and using heat cure to make the resin resistant to moisture and seasonal wood movement.

I will discuss options for molds and casting resin which will be inserted into a pressure pot until cured.

I will talk about safety issues, casting designs, deep casting and sources for information.

I will take you through these processes using prerecorded video taken in my studio. I will bring the finished casting resin product to the meeting and demonstrate methods of turning and finishing the cast resin.

Following photos were taken during the video process. Click on any of them to enlarge.

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