Save Your Eyes And Your Sanity!

Updated: Feb 12

A few weeks ago while visiting Larry Sefton in his shop, a bit of color caught my eye. I noticed that he had added colored rings to the Jumbo Jaws for his Oneway chuck. Brilliant! (no pun intended - well maybe a little.)

The rings make moving the work-holding buttons to corresponding positions so much easier. I had to do this, so it was my first project once back in my shop. Larry claims he got this from some other source, but never thought to add it as a Shop Tip. His bad!

This done, I began to wonder, "What else can I apply this creativity to?"

Found it: my bowl-blank center-finder template!

My tool is from Woodcraft and is branded: "The Bullseye". While is can be used by laying the clear plastic tool on a wood blank, holding it centered with a nail, (enter punch, etc,), picking a diameter and marking a circle, I use it to find the maximum diameter available from the blank. Here is where it addresses my sanity issue - I always have trouble following the desired diameter line around to the other three compass points to properly position it.. NOT ANY MORE! Now the colored lines aid the positioning quickly and accurately.

So, this leaves the question, how to add the color lines? Luckily, in raiding my wife's craft supplies, I found permanent paint pens in the basic colors, down through the tertiary level: Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Indigo-Violet. A full range of colors is not really necessary, two or three alternating colors will provide the same results. (She will never miss the little amount of color I used and it was just way cooler to go all out!)

Do you have a Shop Tip to share, but are not comfortable with your writing or photography skills? Call me - I will help you get your name on a blog!

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