Zoom Broadcasts

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Zoom broadcasts are enabling woodturning groups to stay connected.

We have been working diligently to bring a program to the members of the Midsouth Woodturners Guild at the end of this month on April 25th. If you haven't downloaded and installed either the Zoom software on your computer or the Zoom app on your iPhone, iDevice or Android comparable product, please do so to get ready for the broadcast.

How does this work? If you haven't played with the program or app yet, the host of the broadcast will send out an invitation to the meeting. The person joining the broadcast will simply click on the "Join A Meeting" link or button on iDevices and you will then be. asked for the meeting ID. In the invitation will be listed a meeting ID and password to join the meeting in progress. You can enter the meeting id, without the hyphens, and password or simply click on the included meeting link, which will take you directly to the meeting without all the fuss.

If you do not yet have the software please visit www.zoom/us/download to download and set up the necessary software for your pc or Mac product. If you are planning to join a meeting using a mobile device, the software is available as an application from the mobile device's store. Please go ahead and register as a user, it is absolutely free to register and use the product as a basic user. See the website to see all of the benefits you can get with this product.

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