No More Metal Splinters from Magnets

Updated: Jan 9

The other day Bob Wolfe was in my workshop and commented that he gets metal flakes/splinters from neodymium rare earth magnets used around his shop for holding tools and stuff.

I looked around my shop and realized that I, too, was guilty since most of my magnets were ones that were flaking, could cause metal splinters, or might shatter under impact. Oops! For some reason I used the wrong magnets for the intended purpose.

Photo on left - One of many chipped magnets in my shop. This one was on my lathe to to hold chuck keys.

Solution? I went to my favorite internet magnet source K&J Magnetics, Inc. and replaced all my rare earth magnets with the correct type.

K&J Magnetics: Applications (

I also found some neat magnetic thumbtacks (aka "pushpins"). My wife observed what I was doing and put her order in for some magnetic thumbtacks for her studio, too.

Now that I have the new magnets in use – WHY DID I NOT DO THIS YEARS AGO!

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