• Larry Sefton

Large Log Loader by Dennis Paullus

WOW! Today Joseph Voda and I (Larry Sefton) got to help with the inaugural mission for Dennis’s trailer large log loading system. This was like seeing a battleship being launched and taken out on it's maiden voyage. Like a battleship the unit has a well-defined purpose - intimidate, overwhelm, capture, secure, control, and transport. Look at the photos of the log loading system and you will see all that and more.

To top it off, the unit is battleship gray and commanded by seasoned Captain Dennis Paullus.

To see a video of the system in action go to https://youtu.be/0a2h1MJfB8s

About three years ago a friend of Dennis's sent him a YouTube link on a trailer-based large log loader. Dennis studied this video and several others over the next years. He dreamed about owning one himself and mentally designed it many times.

Then about 3 months ago Dennis set to work. He rebuilt and reinforced one of his trailers. He then fabricated the lift system from mainly surplus metal. Dennis did all of the steel cutting, welding, and electricals.

The unit was thoroughly tested with this impressive haul of ash logs - it passed with flying colors. Well done, Dennis.

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