First In-Person Meeting Post Pandemic

Rick Stone was our demonstrator discussing the ins and outs of spindle turning. He covered all the standard woodturning tools and then showed that spindle turning could be done using other items such as shovel in the photo. He also used an ax, a tire iron, and a sharpened screw driver. He does not recommend using these non-traditional items and included them in the demo just for fun.

Rick's demonstration was outstanding for new turners. Even experienced turners almost certainly gained new knowledge in the form of what some people refer to as "golden nuggets".

Bob Wolfe, our club President, finally got to lead his first in person meeting. Overall the meeting was a great success.

There were concerns that after such a long period of time not meeting in person, not using the Bartlett Center's room, and not using the MSWG's equipment there would be some problems. As it turned out, the biggest issue I personally had was getting to the donuts late after three dozen had already been eaten (my favorite donut "maple glazed" was not there -- poor me, I had to settle for a jelly filled one).

Another success indicator was that we had 43 in attendance and at the end of the meeting only one person had left early.

Our member instant gallery to me was a little sparse. Hopefully there will be more at our next meeting. Reminder, bring your work to the instant gallery no matter whether you are new or experienced. We encourage you to bring your not so good items so you can learn ways you can improve.

I hope everyone enjoyed seeing old friends, making new friends, and leaning more about spindle turning. It was almost like we never missed the past year of not having in person meetings. However, I did notice we all looked older.

THANK YOU to all those who helped with setup and cleanup!

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