April Zoom Demo

Bob Wolfe demonstrated how he makes his lighthouse pepper mills.

We had a mostly successful first, club produced, Zoom demonstration April 25th, 2020. We were at least able to produce a video demonstration with sometimes close to intelligible audio. That said, we look for nothing but improvements for the future considering we learned how to do this and assembled our makeshift equipment in less than a months time and figured out all of the software necessary to make everything work. I call it a success and I hope everybody was able to enjoy the production despite its flaws.

Thanks to Alan Zenreich, Chuck Jones, Gerald Lawrence and all the people who gave suggestions and set in on multiple Zoom learning sessions to allow this to happen. The demonstration video is on Youtube and you will find a link to it on our Docs & Videos page on this website. Thank you for all of the support of our board of directors and all of the time and kind words from our membership. We are constantly striving to make each monthly meeting a better experience for everyone.

Mike Maffitt, President

The Midsouth Woodturners Guild

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