A Great Turn-In Event

About our June 5th Pens for Troop Turn-In --

What an outstanding way for MSWG members to spend most of a Saturday - turning pens that will be given to members of the US military while socializing with other MSWG members including donuts and a great lunch.

We were pleased to see several members who stopped buy just to socialize (maybe it was the smell of those delicious donuts). And, even with all that socializing, we still completed a total of FORTY-FIVE pens!

As a bonus, we had experienced turners training members who had never turned/made a pen. How rewarding it was to see someone who had never turned a pen making designer pens by the end of the day.

A big THANK YOU to Rick Stone for hosting this event and to Sam Dawson, our PfT Chair, who provided the prepared pen blanks. These two individuals put in many hours to make this event a success.

If you were not able to participate in this event but want to make pens for our Pens for Troops program, please contact our PfT Chair Sam Dawson at (901) 734-9157 or samdawson65@yahoo.com . He will be happy to provide you with pen blanks or pen kits.

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