2022 Member Survey Results

You may recall that MSWG conducted a survey of its members earlier this year. As promised, we have tabulated the responses and prepared a report for you to review. The report is posted on the MSWG web site and, if you’d prefer that we send it to you, just send Avi Pelc an email requesting it. His email address is avipelc.business@hotmail.com.

The main goals for the survey were to get a good read on the profile of our members so as to allow us to better plan for the future, including the topics for demonstrations at our monthly meetings and to identify our members’ resources and interests, including who may be inclined to help manage MSWG in the future. The results of the survey confirmed some of our assumptions. In summary, the survey showed that:

  • Most MSWG members are 60 and older. To keep going long-term MSWG needs to attract younger members into turning and into the Guild.

  • Most members are retired.

  • Most members are Intermediate turners or better. MSWG can plan demos and hands-on workshops that require higher skills but also cannot ignore beginners.

  • Most members have sufficient resources with dedicated workshops and lathes (most have full size lathes)

  • 50% of the members have mini or midi lathes that MSWG can borrow for hands-on workshops

  • 25% of the members consider themselves Advanced or Professional, giving MSWG built-in demonstrators and mentors for hands-on workshops.

We encourage you to go to the MSWG website by clicking on the link to review the survey results and conclusions.

or you can download the report document by using the link below

2022 Survey Report document
Download PDF • 150KB

If you have any questions about the survey results or want to provide additional comments, please direct them via email to avipelc.business@hotmail.com.

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