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07-15-2023 Turn In - Wig Stands


Avi Pelc's workshop

July 15, 2023 9am to 3pm
Number Attending:
Joseph Voda and Sam Dawson


Avi Pelc, Bob Wolfe, Doc Shaw, Revo Reeves. Rick Stone, Ron Wickens, Julie Wickens, Mike Maffitt, Sam Dawson, Larry Sefton, Rick Cannon, Kevin Pearson, Joseph Voda, Rick Gillespie, Don Farage, and Ken Burnette.

Scroll down for lots of photos as well as comments from participants.

07-15-2023 Turn In - Wig Stands
07-15-2023 Turn In - Wig Stands


"This was a great way to mentor new turners in a hands-on environment! Excellent way to foster interest in turning. Thanks" Don Farage

"I'm glad we had so much participation! It's great to see the new ones so interested in actually learning the correct way to turn wood! This is what it takes to keep people interested in joining the club and progressing on their way to the enjoyment of woodturning. We need to all help one another so we can be better at our hobby. I would like to thank all who participated." Rick Stone

"I attended the turn-in on Saturday. I am new to turning. I received a ton of helpful tips and hints. This is a very supportive group. If you are new to turning, or looking to increase your skills, these functions are invaluable!" Ken Burnette

"I believe I can speak for most of us “OG’s” in saying we were happy to see new members so ready to participate; “Thanks to you for coming and jumping into our Giving Back efforts!”

I also hope that all the “NG’s” received the best possible instruction, as some had little or no previous turning experience. I look forward to reliving my introduction to woodturning through them!

Even the organizers of the event learned from it. IT became obvious there exists a number of ways to streamline the wig stand production process - making it more efficient for participants and the total production of units. Hats off to Sam and his regiment of Pens For Troops ‘turners, he sets a high bar." Joseph Voda

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