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If you have items to sell.

Woodturning and woodworking related items by club members and friends routinely come up for sale.
There are four ways MSWG can help sell your woodturning and woodworking related items.
  1. Donate the item(s) to MSWG and the club will sell them with the money going to the club's general operational fund.
  2. Put the item(s) the MSWG monthly raffle.
  3. At club meetings there is usually a table dedicated to For Sale by owner.  You can bring the items or post a sign/list of items for sale.
  4. Send an email to the For Sale coordinator by using the provided link.  It is a best practice to also include photos.*
*The For Sale coordinator will determine if all members should be notified quickly of the item(s) for sale and/or what action is needed. 
Date Posted:
Monday, November 7, 2022





I have been collecting and seasoning some interesting wood this year. I have several pieces that I'm willing to sell as is, or will cut to suit for my usual shop fee.

I'm also willing to barter some wood in exchange for time spent with an experienced turner getting advice on how best to prepare these for sale. $75 worth of wood per hour of onsite advice. I really need some help understanding the market and how to best present these for sale. Sample photos provided.

In all instances, I can load these onto a trailer or into a car or pickup bed.

1. Several pieces of highly figured Eastern Red Cedar about 2 feet long and 18-24" wide. Ends treated to reduce checking. Has been stored in dry shade since May 2022. I'll sell whole for $75 each, or will cut pieces to suit for bowl blanks or turning blanks, etc.
2. Holly, bark still intact, salvaged from a massive fallen tree. Several long, straight boards; has been sitting in sun. 6-8" diameter; will cut to suit.
3. Cherry, bark still intact, salvaged from a freshly cut fallen tree in July 2022, and end-grain treated. 8-20" diameter; two crotch pieces, two trunk pieces 4-5' long. Has been stored in dry shade. Will sell as is for $50 per running foot. You will need help with these if you want a large piece.
4. Pecan, cut May 2022 and retrieved August 2022. most pieces are about 12" diameter and 1-2' long. Some are much larger. I didn't get the ends treated pn these. They are very dense; you'll need help unloading the larger ones.
5. Pre-sale: Red oak slabs, cut and slabbed July 2019; have been air-curing these in dry shade. Moisture content is about 13%. The first batch is going into heat finishing by the end of next week. 30+ slabs cut in varying thicknesss from 2-3.5" and in several widths (24-60") and lengths (4.5-12', most around 5.5-7')

I’m happy to provide more details and photos to anyone who has a specific interest, and welcome onsite visits as well.

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