Below are photos of items that will be auctioned at the December 18, 2021 – Holiday Party & Auction - Bartlett Station Municipal Center.

100% of the auction proceeds support MSWG - in advance THANK YOU for your support.

You can buy select items that have the price listed before the auction by using the PayPal Buy-It-Now button (not available on cell phones) or by calling Avi Pelc.  There is only one of each item available.

OR:  If you would like to submit your maximum bid for an item before Dec. 18, please contact Avi Pelc - (612) 817-1470 or by email at 

And of course, since this auction's goal is to raise funds for MSWG, you are ALWAYS welcome to increase the amount of your payment for any purchased item by calling Avi.

Feel free to use the Donate button if you would prefer to simply make an outright donation to the club.
How your maximum bid will work. Your bid will automatically be submitted at the rate of $10 over whatever the real time meeting bid is until your max bid is reached.

Example 1 - You submitted a max bid of $140.  The real time bid is $95 and your next bid is entered as $105.00. No one else outbids your $105 bid so you win the item and will need to pay MSWG $105.

Example 2 - You submitted a max bid of $140. The real time bidding reaches $145 so you do not win the item.

Example 3 - You submitted a max bid of $140.  Another member submits a max bid of $145.  Your max bid is less than the other member's so you do not win the item.  

This is NOT an interactive online bid process so make sure your max bid is not too low.
As a reminder, click on the photo to enlarge.  In the upper corner you will then see icons that will let you make full screen.  You can use the arrows at the side to move to the next photo.